Low Cost
Low Cost

Finisar’s Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology brings together the advantages of low cost and optical efficiency within a small footprint.


Since VCSELs emit light vertically and the primary way to scale power is to increase the die size in x and y, VCSELs can be fabricated and tested in wafer form prior to dicing and packaging. The current state of the art for VCSEL fabrication is 6” wafers, resulting in a low-cost wafer-scale device, where only known-good die are picked and placed from the wafer into high-volume manufacturing lines.

VCSELs are also component die that can be easily packaged into surface-mount packages or mounted directly on surfaces such as printed circuit boards, flex circuits or other mounting substrates like glass, silicon and ceramic to name a few. Because VCSELs emit light vertically, as opposed to horizontally with edge-emitting lasers, it is very easy to engineer mechanical stack-ups that provide protection, thermal routing and light shaping. The geometry of VCSELs also allow packaging with other components, such as photodiodes, drivers, TIAs, and signal controllers, for complete vertically integrated illumination and sensor solutions.

Lastly, VCSELs are very robust and stable devices. VCSELs are very temperature stable, able to withstand temperature extremes and are very robust to humidity. VCSELs are inherently reliable laser sources, further reducing the need for complex, expensive packaging.




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